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Give new impetus to your career thanks to Franck Nicolas’ Spark Program

Today, many people are looking to give or restore momentum to their careers. However, finding the trigger that can lead to fulfillment and professional success is not always easy.

Fortunately, there are entrepreneurship and leadership coaching programs that can play this role, such as the “Spark Program” designed by Franck Nicolas.

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Who exactly is Franck Nicolas?

Franck Nicolas is a certified French-speaking coach from Quebec. He is an expert in leadership and entrepreneurship. Through his coaching company GLOB, Franck Nicolas offers and hosts numerous programs, seminars and webinars throughout the year. Its aim is to help learners improve their quality of life and achieve their goals, such as financial independence, increased turnover and the development of self-esteem.

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To accumulate his know-how, Franck Nicolas trained as a professional coach at the North American “Management Coaching” school and learned his trade from some of the world’s greatest coaching experts, such as Anthony Robbins and Dr. Deepak Chopra. He is also the author of several books, including the bestseller “Confiance Illimitée” published in February 2014. In addition to his company GLOB, Franck Nicolas runs three other companies, is a business angel (startup support) and a philanthropist .

Franck Nicolas’ specialty

As a professional coach, Franck Nicolas specializes in andragogy. It seeks to train and support its learners while allowing them a certain autonomy in assimilating knowledge. Through his Spark Program, Franck Nicolas wishes to transmit his know-how and have a positive influence on the behavior of learners. Andragogy aims to give meaning to the objectives that those trained wish to achieve. Constant motivation is a key element for acquiring andragogical content.

The Spark Program emphasizes practice and real-world problem solving, and takes place in a relaxed atmosphere to promote learning. These features are part of the Spark Program’s unique approach.

Complete presentation of the Spark 2022 Program

Let’s now review what you can discover during the next edition of the Spark Program, which will take place between 2022 and 2023. We will present the content of the program, the main elements that enrich the training and the different options offered.

Important information to know about the Spark Program

Franck Nicolas’s Spark Program lasts approximately 7 months, with as many modules. The first module will start on Monday July 11, 2022 and the last will start on February 7, 2022. This is an online training, where each module is composed of pre-recorded videos accessible at any time after they are posted online.

The program includes more than 120 training videos, as well as various educational materials and monthly assessments in the form of quizzes to validate learners’ achievements.

Registrations for the Spark Program are open until Sunday July 8, 2022 at midnight (Montreal time).

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The modules are not downloadable and require an internet connection. The Spark Program can be followed on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The seven parts of the program are titled:

  • Module 1 – Clarity: to get to know yourself and stay focused
  • Module 2 – Talents: discovering and exploiting your potential
  • Module 3 – Fear: going beyond your fears and psychological barriers
  • Module 4 – Emotions: becoming master of your emotions
  • Module 5 – Decision making: learning to decide and commit
  • Module 6 – Communication: mastering your way of communicating and improving your image
  • Module 7 – Relationships and money: building a healthy environment

These modules are designed to strengthen the leadership and entrepreneurship of learners in order to obtain positive impacts in their personal and professional lives.

Each module offers advice and lessons for improving well-being, reconciling work and family life, and implementing entrepreneurial actions.

The first module to see more clearly

The first module of the Spark Program focuses on clarification. It aims to identify sources of destabilization and act accordingly to gain clarity and move forward on its projects. This module also focuses on health, offering breathing techniques, posturology and fatigue management.

Talents at the heart of the second module

The second module of the Spark Program focuses on optimal use of talent. Learners will learn to exploit their strengths, improve their thinking and boost their synaptic connections for better intellectual performance. This module also offers health tips to reduce stress and increase intellectual acuity.

Managing to combat your fears

The third module of the Spark Program aims to help learners identify, face and overcome their fears. Franck Nicolas believes that the key to successful leadership is getting rid of fears, which hinder progress and limit opportunities for entrepreneurs. This module also offers health tips, such as weight loss, eliminating back pain and detox rules tailored to individual needs.

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Channel and use your emotions wisely

The fourth module of the Spark Program focuses on mastering emotions. Franck Nicolas considers that controlling emotions is essential to perform well in daily life. This module offers tools to use your emotions constructively and draw surplus energy from your emotions. It also has a psychological dimension and can help release tension at work.

Other Spark training modules

The last three modules of the Spark Program focus on action, whether towards oneself or towards others. The fifth module is about decision making, where conviction is the key to fully committing. It aims to leave behind the excuses and indecisions that slow down progress and learn to decide in a reasoned manner.

The sixth and seventh modules focus on communicating as an entrepreneur or leader, as well as the importance of surrounding yourself with healthy people and developing a strong network. Franck Nicolas believes that a great leader is socially and financially committed to those around him.

What options are offered for the Spark Program?

The Spark Program offers three packages, all of which include the seven modules presented above. Each plan offers specific bonuses, has a different price and is intended for specific audiences. The formulas are:

  • Spark Leadership (career or business development and life balance)
  • Spark Premium (increase your income by promoting your know-how)
  • Spark Business (for ambitious entrepreneurs aiming for seven or eight-figure turnover)

The “Spark Leadership” package costs €797 (or 12 payments of €77) and is aimed at employees wishing to develop their careers and solopreneurs. This is the recommended formula for those who are not specifically interested in entrepreneurship, but who wish to benefit from the content of the Spark Program.

The “Spark Premium” plan is offered at €1,997 (or €197 per month for 12 months) and is aimed at freelancers, infopreneurs, artists, consultants, etc.

In addition to the seven basic modules, this package includes numerous bonuses, such as an exclusive “unlimited business” module which offers additional training on the creation of products or services, the optimization of a transaction website, building a quality email list, etc. The “Spark Premium” package also includes a free coaching session with an expert selected by Franck Nicolas, as well as three online group coaching sessions led by Franck Nicolas, and two months of Program 110 offered.

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Finally, the “Spark Business” formula is the most complete and the most expensive. It is aimed at entrepreneurs who wish to generate significant turnover and plan to become speakers, like Franck Nicolas. The price of the “Spark Business” plan is €4,997 (or 12 monthly payments of €497). This formula includes nine modules in total, the seven basic modules as well as two additional modules: an “unlimited business” module and a “second level” module which addresses the latest digital strategies, such as content creation, natural referencing , automated sales funnels, etc. The “Spark Business” formula also offers four free months of Program 110, three free coaching sessions and access to Masterclasses from Franck Nicolas.

What to think of Franck Nicolas’ Spark 2022 Program?

Franck Nicolas’ Spark Program offers three packages adapted to different profiles, with prices corresponding to the content offered.

If the main modules of the program can sometimes seem too general and lack concrete, the bonuses offered in the Premium and Business packages are more interesting and comprehensive.

Being able to follow the Spark Program at your own pace over a period of 13 months is a significant advantage.

If you want to improve your professional and personal life, register now for the Spark Program and put all the chances of success on your side!

See the Details of Franck Nicolas’s Training

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