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The Superprof platform, number one in private lessons

If you have an exam or competition to prepare for, if you want to update your knowledge in a specific area, or if you have already tested a private tutoring platform without satisfaction, try Superprof! In ten years, this platform has become the reference in terms of private lessons and results. And this is not due to chance.

Success is not a matter of chance, but of merit. To achieve results, you must not confine yourself to a rigid framework. To remain free in your choices, it is essential to have direct contact with the teacher.

Superprof offers a wide choice of teachers in many disciplines. This article presents the Superprof platform in detail and will give you all the answers you need to make the right choice.

Presentation of the Superprof platform

Superprof is a service company that aims to connect private teachers with students. This platform aims to respond to all situations and offer courses in many subjects. Here are some numbers to give you an idea:

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  • Superprof has ten years of experience,
  • 7 million teachers, coaches, mentors and artists around the world,
  • 12 million courses and more than 1000 subjects taught for a turnover of 3 million euros.

History and global development

The story of Superprof begins in 2013 in Biarritz, thanks to two young teachers, Wilfried and Yann. Success is quickly achieved thanks to their simple and effective formula.

  • In 2014: Superprof has 100,000 teachers.
  • In 2016: Superprof internationalizes and expands to the United States, Brazil, Germany, Italy, etc.
  • In 2017: Superprof has 1 million certified and available teachers.
  • In 2019: Superprof has 10 million teachers and continues to expand to new countries.
  • In 2020: Superprof is present in 39 countries and uses 18 different languages.
  • In 2021: since its creation, 35 million students around the world have found their Super Teacher.

How the Superprof platform works

Superprof’s objective is to offer quality teachers to motivated students. This platform is based on direct contact between the two parties, students and teachers.

Motivated students

To become a student on the Superprof platform, you must subscribe to a student pass, at a reasonable and low price. For 30 days, the student has access to a list of teachers and can choose the one that suits them. The first class is free, allowing both parties to learn about each other and decide if they want to continue.

Quality teachers

To become a Superprof, simply register for free and prove your level of qualification, experience and ideally provide recommendations from former students. Once accredited, the teacher is completely free to choose his method, his schedule and his price. Payment for lessons is made directly between the teacher and the student, without commission from the platform.

Freedom of choice

The choice of teacher is up to the student who paid for their pass. The student can base this on the photo, the teacher’s presentation and of course the price. However, the price should not be the main criterion of choice. Each student must know what to expect from their private lessons and can reorient themselves after an inconclusive first experience thanks to the first free lesson.

It is important to note that the choice offered is generally wide and allows you to quickly find the right Superprof. Whether you live in a big city or a small village, it would be surprising if you did not find a motivated teacher at your disposal.

Competitor offers

Although Superprof is the benchmark for private lessons, other platforms exist on the market. However, these platforms differ from Superprof on several points.

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Superprof stands out for its freedom of action and its absence of commission. Unlike other platforms, Superprof does not charge a percentage of the teacher’s price. In addition, Superprof offers a free first course, which facilitates initial discussions and helps clarify expectations from the start.

Finally, Superprof does not set a minimum level of studies to become a teacher, which allows students, craftsmen, artists or even passionate self-taught people to share their knowledge with motivated students. Superprof stands out by offering an incomparable diversity of disciplines.

Superprof user reviews

91% of Superprof user reviews are positive, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5. On Trustpilot, a reference in reviews, there are more than 4,000 reviews on the Superprof platform, with a rating of 4, 3 out of 5.

  • 69% of users rated it “excellent”,
  • 16% of users rated it “good”.
  • In summary, 85% of customers are satisfied.

Users appreciate Superprof’s administrative simplicity, the ease of getting in touch with teachers and the transparency of prices. It is important to emphasize that teachers do not pay anything to register on the platform, and payment for lessons is made directly between the teacher and the student.

Superprof has also set up a review system reserved for students who have taken courses, in order to avoid defamation from competitors.

The Superprofs, enthusiasts

At Superprof, there are no level requirements. Thus, students, craftsmen, artists or even self-taught people can share their passion with students interested in a specific discipline. This freedom to share knowledge gained through practical experience yields excellent results.

Adults learn to play the saxophone or improve their painting skills thanks to passionate teachers. Superprof is the only platform to offer this feature worldwide.

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The Superprof course: why and how

The Superprof course is often considered as additional teaching for students experiencing difficulty in a given discipline. It is mainly used in school or university settings to combat academic failure and ensure success in exams and competitions.

For school students, Superprof offers three areas of intervention: homework help, refresher training and academic support.

The advantages of Superprof courses

Today, Superprof specializes in distance education, which has many advantages:

  • Saving time thanks to the absence of travel, the course takes place at home,
  • Flexibility in schedule,
  • Open and productive exchange between teacher and student,
  • Possibility of targeting the student’s shortcomings,
  • Direct control of the student’s working method.

The disadvantages of Superprof courses

  • It is important to choose a demanding teacher to guarantee the quality of the courses.
  • It is necessary to monitor the student’s results and ensure that the quality is there, in order to prevent the student from relying solely on the teacher’s work.
  • Some academic learning problems may be linked to the student’s personal blockages. In this case, the Superprof course will not necessarily be a success and it will be important to consult a specialist to identify the nature of the problem.

Final verdict

Many adults have become aware of the importance of Superprof courses. Some learned to cook or play the guitar for individual enrichment, while others discovered a passion for independence while working from home. Superprof offers an unrivaled diversity of disciplines.

In conclusion, if you want to learn in your comfort zone, with optimal concentration, choose the Superprof platform. Superprof offers the largest choice of disciplines and teachers in France. Join the 60,000 students who consult Superprof files every day, whether you are the parent of a child at school, a student or simply motivated to learn.

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