Boost your sales with our ultimate guide to setting up payment methods on Shopify!

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Shopify: the preferred CMS for online merchants

More and more merchants are choosing Shopify as their CMS for creating and managing their online store. This choice is explained by the great wealth of functionalities and settings offered by Shopify, which allow complete customization of the e-commerce site. Shopify also offers several online payment options, which you can configure according to your needs. In this article, we offer you a detailed guide to the payment solutions available on Shopify and the best way to configure them for your online store.

Before you can set up payment methods on Shopify, you must first create your online store. Once your store is created and configured, you can start setting up payments. Shopify has over 100 payment gateways for you to choose from. You can accept credit card payments, but also add other payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and cryptocurrency payments. You can also offer manual payments such as bank transfers, checks, or cash on delivery.

Create your online store on Shopify

Before you can set up payment methods on Shopify, you need to create your online store. To do this, you must first create your business legally. Choose the legal status that best suits your activity. Once your business is set up, you can head to Shopify to create your online store. Choose a theme, personalize it, create your logo and write the site’s legal notices. Then, you can put your products online, write product sheets and add photos.

Configure payment methods on Shopify

Once your online store is created, you can start setting up payment methods on Shopify. To do this, log in to your administrator interface and access the general site settings. You will find the “payment systems” and “payment” tabs. In the “payment systems” tab, you can choose the payment services you want to use on your store. Shopify has over 100 payment gateways for you to choose from. You can also add alternative payment methods such as Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and cryptocurrency payments. To add a payment method, select it from the list of providers and enter your account credentials. Then activate the payment method.

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Customize the checkout process on your Shopify store

In the “payments” tab of your Shopify account settings, you can customize the payment process on your online store. You can change the graphic style of the checkout page by adding your logo, changing the background color, and editing the font and text. You can also set rules for the ordering process, such as requiring you to create an account before placing an order. We recommend making account opening optional so as not to lose sales. Finally, you can add forms to get an email address or phone number from customers who don’t want to create an account.

Transaction fees on Shopify

It’s important to note that Shopify charges transaction fees on sales made on your online store. These fees are separate from the commissions charged by payment solution providers. Shopify charges a flat rate on each purchase made by your customers. However, for orders paid manually, you do not have to pay these fees.

In conclusion, Shopify offers many online payment options for your online store. It is essential to make the right choices when setting up these payment methods to build confidence in your customers and increase your chances of success.

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