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Yoh Viral’s journey in professional poker

Yoh Viral, whose real name is Johan Guilbert, is a professional cash game and tournament poker player. He started playing poker alongside his work as a radio host in Paris. In 2010, he became a professional player and won $168,000 at the Powerfest Main Event while playing streamed. Since then, he has accumulated more than $2 million in winnings, mainly in Las Vegas and the European Poker Tour.

In addition to his gaming career, Yoh Viral is also present on social networks, notably on Youtube and Twitch, where he has hundreds of thousands of followers. He is appreciated for his live videos and his good humor.

In 2019, Yoh Viral obtained the title of vice-world poker champion at the world tournaments in Las Vegas.

Yoh Viral’s training: PokerPRO

Yoh Viral offers educational poker training adapted to different levels of players. There is free training as well as paid plans, such as the Yoh Viral Club Padawan, Confirmed and Elite levels, and the PokerPRO plan.

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The PokerPRO formula is intended for the most advanced and ambitious players. It allows you to reach your full potential and multiply your gains. The price of this formula is fixed and represents an interesting investment compared to offers from poker coaches.

PokerPRO training content is accessible for life, meaning learners can rewatch the videos and benefit from other training tools at any time.

The importance of the mind in poker

Mentality and self-confidence are essential elements in playing poker, especially if you want to make a career out of it. Yoh Viral therefore addresses not only the rules of the game and playing techniques, but also the keys to strengthening your mental state and fully concentrating on the game.

PokerPRO training offers a mental masterclass, as well as other tools and strategies to reach your maximum potential.

Formulas adapted to each level

Yoh Viral’s training offers packages adapted to all levels of players. There is a free club for beginners, a Padawan club for those who want to start seriously and aim for additional income, an Advanced club for players who have already earned some income, and an Elite club for experienced players.


The different training options are without commitment and without automatic renewal. Prices vary depending on the level of the package chosen. For example, the Padawan club costs €37 per month, the Confirmed club costs €47 per month, the Elite club costs €97 per month, and the PokerPRO plan has a fixed price of €2,497.

In addition to access to training videos and coaching, learners also have access to a private Facebook group where they can interact with other members and discuss technique and mentality.

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Opinions on Yoh Viral’s training

Yoh Viral’s PokerPRO training generally receives very good reviews. Players who followed Yoh’s advice achieved good results and were able to develop their game significantly. However, it is important to note that training requires personal investment and work on the part of learners.

In conclusion, Yoh Viral training is an interesting option for those who want to learn professional poker online and improve their game.

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