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How to improve your health according to Thierry Casasnovas

Thierry Casasnovas, a self-taught naturopath, regained his vitality despite a very poor prognosis in 2011. For 13 years, he has shared his journey and his advice on YouTube.

To meet growing demand, he has created 7 online programs to help you improve your lifestyle and support your body’s functions. Its objective is to give you the physiological knowledge necessary to meet the needs of your body.

Thierry Casasnovas is passionate about the healing power that resides within us. He therefore created training courses accessible to all using natural and ethical methods.

Thierry Casasnovas, why is he recognized?

Birth of his passion for physiology

From near death to excellent health in 2012

In 2007, Thierry Casasnovas suffered from advanced tuberculosis, hepatitis, acute pancreatitis and had suffered three cardiac arrests. Doctors only gave him a few weeks to live, but he managed to survive on his own. How ? By favoring a diet based on raw and fresh foods. He conducted extensive research to understand his body’s needs and developed a passion for physiology.

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His fame on YouTube

In 2010, he created the Régénère association and began sharing his knowledge of healthy living and nutrition on YouTube. His channel now has more than a million subscribers and 88 million views in 2020. His courses are full.

His success as an autodidact in hygienism and naturopathy

His words are disturbing

In addition to giving advice on nutrition and lifestyle, Thierry Casasnovas does not hesitate to give his opinion on controversial subjects such as vaccination and mammograms. His comments attracted criticism from the medical profession, but he managed to build his notoriety thanks to his involvement and his informative exchanges.

Its audience is growing

Thierry Casasnovas’ audience asked him for nutrition workshops, which led him to become an internship supervisor and lecturer in 2012. Doctors now come to train with him, curious about his results. He also created the Régénère magazine.

Thierry Casasnovas’ online programs

Youth Cure Training to increase your vitality

This program gives you a solid foundation to improve your health sustainably. You learn a healing method that is renewable at any time. By integrating these methods into your daily life, you contribute to the regeneration of your body. Your relationship with food and taking care of your body changes, and you feel a boost of energy. You gain autonomy and can advise your loved ones.

The contents

  • Two theoretical modules: the fundamentals of hygiene, the laws of life, the basics of physiology, understanding the needs of the body.
  • Practical 3-week support: healthy and adapted diet, gradual elimination of toxins, strengthening the body, cooking recipes, daily videos to stay motivated.

The strong points

  • A personal coach trained by Thierry.
  • Unlimited access to your student space.
  • Regular updates.
  • Possibility to exchange with other participants.

Physio training to know the virtues of foods

This program teaches you how to eat well by understanding your body’s needs. You discover that preconceived ideas about diet can be misleading. You learn to adapt your diet according to your individual needs.

Course Objectives

  • Understand digestive functioning.
  • Explore the different food categories.
  • Know the qualities of each food to use them optimally.
  • Know how to meet individual needs.
  • Concrete explanations of how the human body works.
  • Put into practice through recipes.
  • Questioning preconceived ideas about health and menus.


  • Teachings from Dominique Guyaux, specialist in sensory food.
  • Recipes and practical advice from a chef expert in plant-based healthy cooking.
  • Unlimited access to your student space.
  • Regular updates.
  • Possibility to exchange with other participants.

Healthy aging training adapted to the needs of your age

In the program

This program explains the causes of age-related diseases and offers nutritional advice and specialized recipes to support regeneration. It also includes the intervention of a shaman and personalized support to answer your questions.


  • Slow down aging.
  • Delay the onset of diseases linked to aging.
  • Age peacefully and prevent health problems.
  • Start the regeneration process.
  • Practice physical and breathing exercises.

Hygiene Training to maintain a clear mind in a functional body

This program allows you to adopt a healthier life at all levels: health, habitat, diet, etc.

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This program includes audios, videos and a follow-up workbook to give you all the keys to hygiene. You learn the fundamentals of hygiene, the laws of life and how to balance the different functions of your body.

The strong points of the program

You become more independent thanks to this complete and intensive course. You have access to additional videos and audios and benefit from unlimited access to the program.

Other programs by Thierry Casasnovas

Iridology training

This science makes it possible to analyze the health of organs by observing the iris of the eye. Thierry Casasnovas offers a 16-hour online course to teach you how to decipher the state of your body and correct imbalances according to naturopathy and hygienism.

Love of children training

Thierry’s guide

Thierry Casasnovas has created a guide for parents and future parents, supported by childhood specialists. This guide covers topics such as fertility, pregnancy, birth and raising children and adolescents.

Permaculture training

Trainers Andrew & Jessie Darlington

This permaculture course, taught by experts with 35 years of experience, teaches you how to design a garden, understand the interactions between plants and humans, and restore a balanced ecosystem.

Thierry Casasnovas offers programs accessible to all to improve your health in a natural and beneficial way. Every age group will find something to suit them. The modules are rich in information and well structured. To learn more about Thierry and his different resources, check out his YouTube channel, his website and his magazine.

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