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Who is Aurore Roegiers?

Aurore Roegiers is a French actress, healer and medium. She began acting at the age of 12 and later joined a semi-professional company at 16. She played several leading roles after taking classes. She then discovered a passion for personal development and spirituality. His goal is to share his messages from Source with others to help them awaken through their consciousness. She is dedicated to supporting people on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. She also wrote a book entitled “Hope, the Path to Realization”, in which she shares texts from the Source to understand and raise one’s vibration. She also has a YouTube channel where she regularly posts videos on different topics.

The promises of Aurore Roegiers and the framework she establishes

Aurore Roegiers is a young, luminous and authentic medium. His “guidance” videos convey messages about humanity in transition. She promises to help people break free from their chains and reconnect with themselves. His book “Hope” is a guide to accessing the true reality of life and living life by truly being yourself. According to her, it is important to confront the hold of the mind and ego over our thoughts and actions, because it constantly hinders our life path.

“Hope, the path to achievement”: an infinite source of light in a chiaroscuro world

Aurore Roegiers’ book follows the current planetary transformation, an increase in the vibration of the planet. She assures that this work has a direct impact on the cells of the body, on the energy, vibration and the unconscious of the reader. It provides precise and important information to transmute negative energies and increase its vibration. The book is dense but at the same time light, playful, joyful and simple. It allows you to continuously produce positive emotions and initiate a connection with your deep self in perpetual connection with life and the universe.

How can this book be concretely good for the reader?

The book offers keys to creating the life you want to live and freeing yourself from family and emotional constraints. It allows you to be happy and filled with growing love. It is also aimed at those who believe in the existence of other dimensions and energy wars. Through reading, it is possible to increase your vibration and your energy field to access another level of consciousness.

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A book that intentionally tends towards a polemical aspect

Aurore Roegiers wants to make things happen and push each individual to accept their reality of the world and their truth. The book may point out some things that are disturbing, but the underlying message is that every reality is true and so is every point of view. The book invites you to accept that everyone has a different reality and to remove the harmful egoistic side of your life.

The motivating opinion of its readers

Readers thank Aurore Roegiers for writing such a work which brings beauty, joy and purity. Some people have noticed changes in their lives during and after reading. The book is considered powerful and caring, filled with loving energy. It is extremely well rated and recommended by the majority of readers.

Aurore Roegiers, a woman who gives you the momentum to achieve your happiness

Aurore Roegiers supports people in their lives so that they can reach their full potential. Through her videos and her book, she pushes readers to expand their vision of the world and themselves. Her book is filled with love, joy and accessible to everyone. She positions herself as a well-trained guide and shares her knowledge to inspire others to achieve their happiness.

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