Max Piccinini: My explosive opinion on his Infopreneurship Program!

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What you need to know about the famous Success Coach Max Piccinini

Do you want to discover all the secrets of the famous Success Coach Max Piccinini? Its exclusive “Freedom and Impact” program was created to change your life. It is a unique program in the Francophonie to succeed in your profession.

With his experience and invaluable knowledge in the field of success, Max Piccinini gives you all the keys to truly achieving your dreams. His knowledge will allow you to move to a higher level in your reality. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For 3 months, learn how to monetize your knowledge and create a positive impact in your life by generating income of more than €10,000/month.

But who is this famous Max Piccinini?

Max Piccinini is an expert in Leadership and Success strategy recognized worldwide. Founder of his coaching company RéussiteMax and author of bestsellers, he is aimed at all those who want to achieve their full potential.

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His internationally renowned conferences have brought together more than 150,000 people from more than 25 countries around the world. Equipped with a Master Coach Trainer, he organizes seminars each year for thousands of people and trains hundreds of excellent coaches.

Max Piccinini has also appeared on channels such as France 2, BFM TV, Forbes…

This exceptional coach pushes men and women to maximize their lives and finally realize their dreams on their own terms.

The opportunity of a lifetime, the “Freedom and Impact” program

The “Freedom and Impact” program is a mine of information collected by Max Piccinini to help you launch and monetize your knowledge in a simple, concrete and directly applicable way! If you want to achieve financial freedom while having a positive impact in your life, this program is for you.

The program aims to help you:

  • sell successfully, from launch to final sale of the product
  • become a leading reference in your field
  • free up time to finally be able to fully enjoy your life
  • become financially free with an online business
  • achieve the life of your dreams, a life free and filled with positive energy

So you can be sure of earning an incredibly good living while still having plenty of time for the ones you love. You will finally know what it means to be in control of your life. Feeling good and creating the most beautiful life possible is now within reach.

And it doesn’t stop at your reality, because you will also have created a positive impact in the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Respected and appreciated, you will have achieved the life you desire so much.

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But who is this program for?

On the one hand, people who want to achieve their dream career and gain a lot of freedom:

  • coach
  • former
  • consultant
  • expert
  • speaker
  • web entrepreneur

To summarize, everyone who is training to become a knowledge leader in their field is invited to this program.

On the other hand, those who are already part of these professions can also find many advantages. The program helps them become a benchmark in their market, accelerate their revenue in an unparalleled way and even automate it.

All these human beings share the same dream: to succeed in life, to experience freedom and to have a positive impact on the lives of others in a magnificently positive way.

Optimal organization to demonstrate success

The “Freedom and Impact” program is organized into 9 online modules. Worth €5,000, the program information is accessible for life.

The first 3 modules prepare you to get started in the best possible way

The 1st module, entitled The Leader’s Mindset, is essential because 80% of success is psychological. Max Piccinini gives you the 5 major pillars to adopt this state of mind. This 1st module will help you clarify your objectives and your vision with the mindset of a champion. No more procrastination, make way for confidence and action!

The 2nd module helps you select a niche that suits you, with enthusiastic buyers. By taking your passions into account, you will make strategic choices to maximize your actions. You will also discover the major mistakes to avoid.

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The 3rd module consists of defining your avatar, a crucial step for success. You need to connect with your ideal customer in a sincere, deep and authentic way. You will discover the secrets to diving into the world of your prospect and finding your best customers. This module will give you all the keys to turning your prospects into unconditional fans.

The following 3 modules get to the heart of the matter

The 4th module gives you all the information you need to create a profitable customer journey. You will learn how to increase your sales, your profitability and have the maximum impact on your customers.

The 5th module focuses on building an irresistible offer. Thanks to the secret of “value stacking” and the power of your promises, you will be able to explode your sales. You’ll also learn how to use social proof and other practices to increase your revenue.

The 6th module allows you to monetize your knowledge. Max Piccinini lets you take a look at his sales system and you will just have to model what he does. You will discover his own sales techniques which allow him to generate millions of euros each year and automate his income.

The last 3 modules guarantee a lasting profession

The last 3 modules teach you how to build programs or training that guarantee success. You will learn the important methods for creating training that produces great results for clients and great benefits for you.

The 8th module gives you all the keys to maintaining a continuous flow of qualified contacts every day. You will learn to master 4 major pillars of contact with complete peace of mind.

Finally, the last module gives you tips for creating your Dream Team, the one that will take you even higher.

Unique and exceptional bonuses to literally launch you into your dream business

Max Piccinini offers additional bonuses to make this training a 100% success. Here are the bonuses that make all the difference:

  • 1 Exclusive Interview with the legendary Jack Canfield, #1 success coach in the USA
  • 1 Exclusive Interview with master speaker Brian Tracy
  • 1 “Facebook Ads Demystified” training with a double-certified expert
  • 2 essential strategies in “Explosion Networks” to be a hit on social networks
  • “Tech Facile” to guide you in technology and the web
  • “Copywriting Secrets” to help you with your writing with help from experts
  • “Super Offer” to create the best irresistible offer
  • “Video Impact”, the structure to follow to double your sales thanks to a video
  • “Successful Launch” to obtain a phenomenal lead
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Facebook community of Freedom and Impact Leaders

And that’s not all, following quick registration, you will have the chance to obtain 4 additional bonuses:

  • 2 FREE Silver Places for the We Change day
  • 2 FREE Silver places at Max Piccinini’s Destination Réussite seminar
  • “Laser coaching” for 90 minutes with Max, spread over 6 sessions of 3 months
  • 2 free tickets to the exclusive 3-day Live event “Freedom and Impact”

For more information on the Destination Réussie event or We Change day, you can consult the site by clicking here.

The opinions of entrepreneurs after their meeting with Max Piccinini

Max Piccinini is described as a real catalyst for taking action. He receives many positive comments and feedback from the entrepreneurs he meets.

Energy booster and charismatic, Max Piccinini knew how to emotionally touch the people he coached. Through his coaching, seminars and training, he pushes people to become the best version of themselves.

A unique program and trainer in France

The world-renowned coach continues to help people on a daily basis in their success and in their search for leadership. With its “Freedom and Impact” program, it promises to help those who wish to make a living from their knowledge and acquire incomparable freedom.

The program takes into account all aspects, from the psychological side to the practical side, to allow you to achieve your goal 100%. Plus great bonuses available nowhere else, you can’t help but be successful.

The energy that Max Piccinini exudes wherever he goes is real and powerful, and his training is just as real. If you are curious to find out who this man is who provides the keys to success, don’t waste a second and go see his site. Just a few minutes can literally change your life.

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