Discover all the secrets of Yomi Denzel, the E-Commerce entrepreneur of 2023!

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Yomi Denzel’s journey

Yomi Denzel is a young entrepreneur who managed to go from a broke student to a millionaire in just one year thanks to dropshipping. Forbes devoted an article to his exceptional career. Few people have made it from scratch, but Yomi Denzel is one of them. He was able to seize the opportunity of dropshipping, an increasingly popular online business around the world, to make his fortune in just one year.

Updated September 2023

In 2020, Yomi Denzel revealed in one of his videos that his fortune amounts to more than 12 million euros, all assets combined! In addition to his e-commerce business and his income from his ECOM PRO training, Yomi invests in the stock market, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He also owns real estate.

We do not yet know Yomi Denzel’s fortune in 2023, but it is certain that it exceeds 12 million euros. It is unlikely that the value of its assets will fall to this level.

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Yomi Denzel’s training and advice

Today, Yomi Denzel offers training to help people follow the same path he took. On his YouTube channel, he also gives advice and explanations on managing online stores and the first steps to take in e-commerce. He shares his experience and explains point by point the different steps to follow.

In addition to his training, Yomi Denzel collaborates with Oussama Ammar on a new YouTube channel called Sans Permission. They give inspiring advice to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Yomi Denzel’s fortune

Yomi Denzel became a millionaire thanks to dropshipping. Despite some people’s doubts about the veracity of his numbers, Yomi Denzel has proven several times during his videos that he achieves impressive turnovers. He made 60,000 euros in sales in one day and even reached more than 100,000 euros in turnover in a single day. He regularly shares his results with his subscribers on YouTube.

Free training from Yomi Denzel

To allow young entrepreneurs to discover the basics of dropshipping, Yomi Denzel offers free training in 3 parts. It details all the steps to generate several tens of thousands of euros in turnover thanks to an online business. This free training is a great starting point for those who want to get started in e-commerce.

Yomi Denzel’s paid training (ECOM PRO)

Yomi Denzel also offers a paid training course called ECOM PRO. This training, considered one of the best French-speaking dropshipping training courses, is provided by Yomi Denzel himself as well as other speakers specialized in different areas of online commerce. It covers all aspects of e-commerce and offers comprehensive support to learners.

The ECOM PRO training is made up of 6 weeks of content and includes over 70 hours of videos. It covers many topics, such as e-commerce basics, creating an online store, social media advertising, and Facebook advertising. Bonuses are also included in the training.

ECOM PRO training is available at the price of 997 euros, with the possibility of payment in several installments.

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Yomi Denzel customer reviews

Yomi Denzel’s customer reviews of his ECOM PRO training are very positive. Many students have achieved impressive results after completing the training. Yomi Denzel is recognized for the quality of his content and his responsive support.

In summary, Yomi Denzel’s training offers all the knowledge and tools necessary to launch a successful e-shop. It is recommended for anyone who wants to get started in e-commerce and obtain concrete results.

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