Max Piccinini: The guru who transforms your life forever!

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Max Piccinini and his Renaissance program

If you are interested in personal development, you have undoubtedly heard of Max Piccinini and his Renaissance program. This entrepreneur defines himself as a “success coach” and promises through his program to help you find the keys to unlocking your potential and achieving your goals for a fulfilled life on all levels. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this bold offer.

Who is Max Piccinini?

Max Piccinini is a world-renowned entrepreneur, bestselling author, and personal development coach. He became known around the world thanks to his best-selling book “Maximum Success”, where he reveals the secrets of success through the ItsMyTree process, a method of his own design which allows you to make your dreams a reality . This expert in the psychology of success takes on the role of “success coach” through various programs, including “I reach my objectives” aimed at helping you achieve your personal goals, and the “Entrepreneur Kit”, aimed at putting your company well on its way to success. It also offers a “Réussite Max” offer which brings together many great professional coaches to provide you with personalized coaching to enable you to realize your projects. With his background as a self-made millionaire, he brings his expertise in financial success and success coaching through his training and seminars.

The story of Max Piccinini

A difficult childhood

Maximilien Piccinini, known as “Max”, was born in Strasbourg, France, into a family of 4 rather poor children: his parents, college teachers, struggled to provide for the needs of the entire family and barely managed to make ends meet. month. The atmosphere in which Max grows up is all the more oppressive as his parents have more and more arguments. At the age of 10, he witnessed the divorce of his parents, and at the age of 14, the death of his father in an accident. These traumatic events make him aware of the fragility of the human condition. This is why he resolves to take charge of his life, by succeeding off the beaten track of “metro-work-sleep”, sources of anxiety and frustration.

Transition to adulthood and first failures

Determined to lead an unusual life, Max started day trading, or session speculation, at the age of 19. He then only holds a bac+1 in economics. Dissatisfied and suffering from stress linked to this activity, he converted two years later to a commercial activity: he was responsible for recruiting and training teams on behalf of an American anti-aging cream brand. However, this activity did not succeed either. Because of his failures, he gradually loses self-confidence and is consumed by stress. At this point, Max is almost convinced that he will never achieve the life he dreams of. However, instead of letting himself be defeated, Max becomes aware after careful consideration of something that will change his life: it is by changing his way of thinking that he can really change his life. At 23, he finally realizes that his success depends only on himself, and that failures are a transitional stage to achieve it.

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Max becomes the No. 1 success coach in France

After his realization, Max begins to research personal development. By reading numerous books, attending numerous seminars and following numerous training courses, he gradually changes his way of thinking. He regains control over his emotions and beliefs and reviews his thought pattern. He decides to put into practice everything he has learned, and finally manages to open the doors to success. He became financially independent at the age of 26, and became a millionaire before reaching 30. With his experience and now passionate about personal development, he decided to pass on his knowledge to allow more people to realize their potential by becoming coaches. In 2011, he created the site Réussite Max where he offered his personalized coaching offer which quickly became popular. From there, he multiplied his successes: his book “Maximum Success” became a bestseller, and he began to lead numerous successful training courses and seminars. Today, more than 130,000 people, including celebrities and businessmen, can claim to have benefited from Max Piccinini’s various offers. Its positive influence extends to more than 25 different countries.

What is the Renaissance program?

What is the Renaissance program?

Renaissance is an online personal development program aimed at improving every aspect of your life and helping you realize your full potential. It lasts 9 months, with each of the first 8 focusing on one of the 8 wonders of being, and the last being a month of final integration. During the program, you will receive daily audios to inspire you, training videos and weekly challenges and practices to help you achieve lasting results, as well as access to support and an online community to share your experiences and find answers to your questions. Throughout its duration, Renaissance promises a real revolution in all aspects of your life, whether on a personal, relational, emotional or financial level. Added to the Renaissance program are 8 huge bonuses worth more than €8,500, including access to Max Piccinini’s “I reach my goals” program, and free places for the “Destination Réussite” seminar.

The key points of the Renaissance program

During these 4 introductory episodes, Max reveals to you a program based on safe and tested principles that will allow you to turn your life around and succeed in what you do in just 9 months. To achieve this, the Renaissance program focuses on certain key points:

  • The secrets to trusting yourself and accepting yourself as you are.
  • Identifying what has blocked you until now.
  • The 3 Super-Accelerators of success: master the universal principles of success, have a mentor, and surround yourself with achievers who help you rise.
  • A self-assessment and a progression system based on the principle of the 8 wonders of being.
  • A comprehensive approach that aims to change your way of thinking, your financial choices, your investment in your passions, your relationships and even your lifestyle for the better.

Through these key points and using the methods developed by Max Piccinini, themselves based on the work of great personal coaches including Napoleon Hill, the Renaissance program is a true introduction to a better life.

How much does this program cost?

Access to this program is offered in three options. They all include the entire Renaissance online program, as well as access to the Renaissance online community for a period of 9, 18 and 36 months respectively. Added to this are 8 bonuses including extracts from the exclusive LifeMax and FinanceMax seminars, an interview with Nikos Aliagas filmed during Destination Réussite, the “I reach my objectives” program, and 9 monthly one-hour animated web conferences by Max himself, in order to better assimilate the theme of the month. Here are the offers:

  • Bronze: all the content mentioned above, as well as a Bronze place in the Destination Réussite seminar. The offer with a total value of €15,297 is offered to you at only €1,197 including tax.
  • Silver: the contents and bonuses of the Renaissance program, with two Silver places (best placement) in the Destination Réussite seminar. The total value offered is €17,900, and will only cost you €1,797 including tax.
  • Gold: the contents and bonuses of the Renaissance program, as well as two VIP Gold seats (front row) for the Destination Réussite seminar, and a private VIP cocktail dinner during this seminar where you can meet Max. The total value of this offer is €21,500, and it is offered to you at only €2,997 including tax.

You can also subscribe to these offers by making payments in 3, 6 or 9 monthly installments. In addition, the offer is guaranteed 100% satisfaction or money back during the first month of registration. All you have to do is write an email within the first 30 days and you will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

Our opinion on Max Piccinini’s Renaissance program

Due to its versatile nature and its ability to address all aspects of life, the Renaissance program is not intended for a single typical profile, but truly for any person who is dissatisfied with their life and who wishes to fully realize their potential and achieve happiness and self-fulfillment. In addition to Max Piccinini’s experience and reputation in success coaching, the tens of thousands of people satisfied with this program testify to its effectiveness. As the offer is only available for a few days, we can only encourage you to visit the Renaissance program website and discover it for yourself.

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