Tugan Bara 2023: The Business Genius or the Ultimate Crook? Discover our Review without Filtering!

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General information about Tugan Baranovsky

The field of digital marketing is constantly growing and many players are looking to stand out. To achieve this, many choose to train and enrich their knowledge. Among the experts who share their experience is Tugan Baranovsky. It offers new practices in digital marketing to help professionals become web experts.

Presentation of Tugan Baranovsky

Tugan Baranovsky, whose real name is Arnaud Labossière, is a digital marketing expert. Founder of the underground marketing site, he launched 44 websites in 6 years and offers 223 successful products. He was able to create a community of several thousand students working in network marketing, coaching and consulting.

Who is Tugan Baranovsky really?

Tugan Baranovsky, aka Arnaud Labossière, is a young entrepreneur who abandoned his studies at HEC Paris to create his own business. He trained in copywriting and launched the underground marketing platform. Its method is based on three levers: expertise, marketing and automated systems.

Is Tugan Bara a marketing genius or a scammer?

Opinions about Tugan Bara are divided. Some consider him a marketing genius, others a scammer. He is known for his aggressive marketing, but he remains an affiliate specialist and a good teacher of copywriting.

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Can we trust Tugan Baranovsky?

According to reviews on Trustpilot, Tugan Baranovsky gets a rating of 4.4 out of 5. He is considered an excellent trainer and his products are quality. He respects his commitments and offers refunds in the event of dissatisfaction.

What to know about Tugan Baranovsky’s program?

Tugan Baranovsky offers a complete program on his underground marketing platform. It focuses on copywriting and offers courses in text and video formats. He teaches advanced emotional marketing techniques.

The different books written by Tugan Baranovsky

Tugan Baranovsky has written several books, including “The Bible of Underground Marketing” and “The Billionaires Code”. These books provide tips and tricks for success in digital marketing.

The bible of underground marketing

This book summarizes the principles and techniques of marketing. He explains how to increase your income through an online business and gives tips for standing out from the competition.

The Billionaires Code

This book is inspired by the biographies of famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. It offers anecdotes and practices to adopt to succeed in the web field.

What training courses are available with Tugan Baranovsky?

Tugan Baranovsky offers several online training courses, including RX (exponential income), mimetic profit and Copy insider. These training courses are delivered remotely in the form of videos and live streams.

Our overall opinion on Tugan Baranovsky

Tugan Baranovsky is an intelligent entrepreneur who knew how to use the rules of the web to develop his business. He shares his experience through his training and books. Despite the criticism, he remains an affiliate specialist and a good copywriting teacher.

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