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A balanced and healthy alternative to traditional meals

The FEED brand offers powdered meals to reconstitute and protein bars to provide a complete and balanced meal. It is aimed at people who want to stay in shape or achieve their goals while lacking time to cook.

Who is behind FEED?

Anthony Bourbon, founder of FEED, had a difficult childhood and aims to prioritize merit over genetics. He had to fend for himself from the age of 16, living on the streets and starting small businesses to support himself.

After obtaining his BAC, he enrolled at the law university of Bordeaux and discovered a new stability. It was there that he had the idea of ​​inventing minimalist recipes to provide the nutritional needs in a single portion, thus avoiding skipping meals.

With the help of 50 nutrition experts, Anthony is growing the FEED brand and promises to help his clients achieve their goals through functional nutrition.

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Products offered by FEED

FEED offers four ranges of products adapted to all needs: ready and balanced meals, protein bars, light products for weight loss and a special range for athletes.

Balanced ready-to-eat meals

Meal bags are drinks that can be reconstituted to obtain a balanced and nutritious drink. Each meal provides 500 kcal and contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

Protein bars

These protein bars are ideal for muscle recovery for athletes. They are high in protein and low in sugar, and come in several flavors.

Light products for weight loss

FEED offers products specifically dedicated to weight loss, such as meal bars, meal drinks and functional snacks. These products are composed of slimming and light ingredients.

A special range for athletes

FEED has also developed a range of products specially designed for athletes, with meal bars and meal bags rich in protein.

Why choose FEED?

FEED differentiates itself from other meal replacement brands by offering ready-to-eat products, in addition to powders to reconstitute. FEED’s price range is affordable and suitable for small budgets. The products are convenient to carry and available in several flavors. In addition, they are suitable for all diets, being vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and GMO-free.

How it works ?

Simply purchase the FEED product of your choice and consume it as a replacement for a meal or snack. The products are made with plant-based ingredients, such as agave syrup and plant fiber, to optimize weight loss or limit carbohydrate intake. It is also possible to subscribe to regularly receive different recipes.

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Where to start when you’re starting out?

Meal bags

To start consuming FEED products, it is recommended to try meal bags in place of lunch. These bags are economical, eco-responsible and offer five balanced and delicious recipes.


If you prefer ready-to-drink products, ready-to-drink bottles are ideal. They contain all the nutrients necessary for a balanced meal and are easy to transport.

What are the benefits of consuming FEED products?

  • FEED products are gluten-free and vegan, made from plant-based ingredients. The brand makes significant ecological commitments by saving water through its consumption.
  • The glycemic index of FEED products is low, which allows for better blood sugar control.
  • FEED products are quick and convenient to consume, providing a complete meal in a short time.
  • FEED meals are affordable and less expensive than fast food.

What are the disadvantages ?

  • FEED meals do not provide a lasting feeling of fullness, which can lead to rapid hunger.
  • Their use can discourage the motivation to cook and encourage a diet that is too monotonous.
  • The form and way in which nutrients are absorbed by the body is also important, something FEED products do not take into account.
  • FEED products are not known for their exceptional taste.

In conclusion

FEED products are a practical and affordable alternative for those who want to take care of their diet. They are suitable for athletes, people who want to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. The products are suitable for all diets and offer a wide choice of flavors. However, they should not replace all meals and are not suitable for those looking for a varied diet. Despite this, FEED allows you to reconcile speed and healthy eating.

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